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Thanks for your interest in Mountain Sky Furniture.

Our Manufacturing facility is located south of Manhattan, Montana in a small Dutch community named Churchill. Churchill is a quiet, close nit, farming community. Churchill is home to two churches, a private Christian School, a chevy dealership and a farm equipment dealership. Mountain Sky Furniture is a subsidiary of Jeacec Company LLC. Our custom woodwork branch is named Jeacec Custom Woodworks, and our landscape curbing branch is named Cutting Edge Curb. Jeacec has been building custom furniture, cabinetry and millwork since 2004. 

 When Kurt Burley, the owner of Jeacec Company LLC., was searching for a name for his first company, he decided to name it after something so precious to him that he would do whatever it took to make it succeed. Jeacec is named after his three daughters, Jacie Christine, Emma Elizabeth and Ashlyn Cierra (using the first initial of thier first name first and the first initial of thier middle names second). Kurt's passion for fine woodworking and meticulous attention to detail comes through in the products and services that Jeacec is known for. 

In the fall of 2010, Kurt started thinking about manufacturing and marketing his products on a much larger scale. What a better time to start, in the middle of the worst economic downturn that he had seen in his life, and the worst time to try to borrow money. He decided to take a small product to a few local stores and see if they would be interested. After many months of sleepless nights, a local Bozeman company placed our first wholesale order to be sold at 22 store in four states. Jeacec now needed a brand name for the furniture that would be marketed. Along came Mountain Sky Furniture Company. 
Kurts vision for the company is to market the Mountain Sky Furniture brand across the entire United States and become a major furniture manufacturer in Montana. Kurt believes in keeping the manufacturing local and to support as many Montana and US companies as he can. It has always been his dream to be an entrepreneur, live the american dream, and give back to those less fortunate. Kurt is very driven by his desire to start a successful company and to bring Mountain Sky's high quality furniture to the marketplace at an affordable price. 
With the success of the company, Kurt plans to give back to the community by supporting charities and bringing good paying jobs to our ailing economy.
Mountain Sky Furniture is a Made in Montana and Made in the USA member.

We will be adding extra features over the next few months, so come back regularly.

We are located at:


Jeacec Company LLC.
120 Oscars Run
Manhattan, MT 59741


Mountain Sky Furniture
7200 Churchill Rd
Manhattan,  Mt  59741

Fax:  406-282-7465
Phone:  406-539-1802